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Vigorexin Review

Vigorexin has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

According to the company, Vigorexin’s ingredients target the penile chambers to optimize blood flow and storage, resulting in firmer erections.

“Vigorexin works like no other natural male enhancement products available to increase size and stamina,” reads an advertisement.

This review takes a look at all there is to know about Vigorexin so you can decide whether it is an effective option.

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Is Vigorexin Affordable?

The first thing to look at is the price. Even if Vigorexin has a great formula, it might not be a good investment if the price is too high.

One Vigorexin bottle provides a 30-day supply (60 capsules) and sells for $19.95 on the official manufacturer website, Vigorexin.com. The company provides deals on multiple bottle purchases.

Considering the servings per bottle, Vigorexin’s price is a little better than the male enhancement supplement price. Competing male enhancement products like vitaliKoR and Size Up XL retail for around $40.00-$52.00 per bottle.

The free bottles that come with the purchase of 3 or more Vigorexin bottles is a nice way to save money and is something many company’s don’t offer.

When purchased through the official website, Vigorexin is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Are the Ingredients Worth It?

Despite the company not releasing individual ingredient amounts, the ingredients look promising. I took a closer look to see if they were clinically-proven to work:

Tribulus Terrestris
This ingredient influences testosterone levels.

A clinical study indicates athletes were given tribulus terrestris over a 20-day period. Results show blood testosterone concentration increased for the first 10 days. [1]

Horny Goat Weed
According to an online medical authority, some men use horny goat weed to improve sexual performance and involuntary ejaculation. SOme side effects of horny goat weed include dizziness, nosebleed, and thirst. [2]

Horny goat weed contains icariin, and icariin has been shown to mimic testosterone’s properties. Researchers indicate icariin “has therapeutic potential in the management of hypoandrogenism.” [3]

This ingredient is believed to improve sexual function, but more studies are needed to confirm this belief. [4]

Eurycoma Longifolia
Eurycoma longifolia is studied for its ability to enhance semen quality.

In one study, 200 mg eurycoma longifolia resulted in improved semen motility, volume, and concentration. [5]

Gencor’s patented fenugreek ingredient, Testofen is used to optimize free testosterone levels.

A clinical study conducted by the company reveals 600 mg Testofen improved free testosterone and also influenced body mass. [6]

How Often Should You Take It?

Users should take 2 capsules around 30 minutes before sexual activity. However, Vigorexin may take effect quicker in some individuals. Consequently, users should adjust ingestion time as seen fit.

Also, users may want to assess their tolerance to Vigorexin ingredients by taking smaller doses in the beginning.

Is Vigorexin Received Well?

There only reviews I was able to find are testimonials listed on the company website, and these may be subject to bias.

Here is a look at what some of them have to say:

Greg says he hasn’t experienced anything like Vigorexin. “I can’t believe it, and she can’t believe it either,” he adds. He fully recommends Vigorexin use.

“It works when I need it to, and if I don’t need it I still take it because it makes my libido go crazy for sex!” says Tyson. He supports Vigorexin and recommends it to men looking for something that is healthy and doesn’t cause side effects.

“My girlfriend lives 20 minutes away. I will usually take a serving, jump in my car and by the time I get to her place I am ready with an insatiable libido. My girlfriend has never been happier,” says Trevor.

Pick It or Pitch It

Vigorexin seems to be a natural, effective approach to boosting blood flow according to numerous testimonials. The ingredients are encouraging, with testosterone boosters and semen enhancers.

We add our voice to the numerous positive reviews: Vigorexin is a clinically-backed male enhancement supplement, and we highly recommend it.

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