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OxySurge Review

OxySurge, an all-natural male enhancement serum, seems to have everything: an enhanced formula, all-natural ingredients and discreet shipping and billing.

With a penchant for detail, OxySurge’s manufactures have a laser-like focus on what its customers want.

But does it really work? According to advertisements, “OxySurge is designed to help you and your partner have the best sex of your lives!”

I looked a little closer at what OxySurge has to offer those looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

“A Breakthrough in Natural Male Enhancement!”

OxySurge’s breakthrough, all-natural formula has been released after years of research and development on natural male enhancement.

While there are over 20 ingredients in OxySurge, here are the ones you’ll want to know about:

7-Keto, a by-product of the hormone DHEA, raises testosterone levels. When applied topically to 21 male participants, 25 g 7-keto raised testosterone and other sex hormone levels significantly. [1]

L-Arginine is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide. Nitric oxide allows blood to flow more effectively to the penis, improving and maintaining penile erection.

In one clinical study, over 30% of men with erectile dysfunction noticed a significant improvement when taking 5 g daily l-arginine. [2]

Resveratrol is high in antioxidants and has many links to health. It protects against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But it also protects against a boring night in the bedroom.

As an aromatase inhibitor, resveratrol has been proven to stop the enzyme aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen. [3]

Animal studies also look promising; it triggered penile erection in white rabbits and enhanced blood testosterone levels, sperm count, and sperm mobility. [4]

Cinnamomum camphora, more commonly known as camphor, is a traditional aphrodisiac. Experts found camphor increased sexual desire and performance when administered in a 50 mg per kg dose. [5]

Horny Goat Weed treats low libido and erectile dysfunction. In a study conducted in 2008, experts found horny goat weed blocks enzymes that restrict blood flow to the penis. [6]

Is OxySurge Safe to Use?

When used as directed, OxySurge is considered safe for use due to its all-natural formula.

OxySurge does not employ any dangerous ingredients or chemicals.

The manufactures recommend checking with your doctor for any possible allergic reactions.

Using OxySurge Effectively

To use OxySurge, massage the desired amount (a dime-size drop is suggested) of gel directly onto the genital area.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OxySurge is available directly from OxySurge.com. Each bottle costs $39.95, but discounts are available when you buy in bulk.

  • 2 bottles – $74.95, with 1 free bottle of OxySurge
  • 3 bottles – $109.95, with 2 free bottles of OxySurge

The most encouraging aspect of OxySurge’s customer service is its 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results, e-mail support@oxysurge.com for a full refund.

Only 1 bottle may be opened to receive a full refund. All other unopened bottles must be returned in resalable condition.

Should You Try OxySurge?

OxySurge is a different approach to male enhancement, and it looks promising.

As a newer product, there is still some uncertainty about its effectiveness, so I’d like to see more reviewers describing their experience (so please leave your comments below).

But based on the 90-day money-back guarantee alone, OxySurge is definitely worth a try.

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