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might be one of the male enhancements people have heard about most. You can find advertisements on TV, online and just about everywhere.

ExtenZe works as a natural male enhancement product that should help increase penis girth and penis size in just weeks.

The natural male enhancement pill uses herbs to better your sex life without a prescription and is also designed to help with erectile dysfunction. Supposedly it achieves this by promoting blood flow to the penis, gradually increasing the size of the three erectile chambers.

Most people might recognize ExtenZe because it has quite the reputation. As one of the most popular male enhancement pills available, we decided to take a closer look to see what Extenze really had to offer – is it worth it?

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The Good

ExtenZe has a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients. The entire formula combines over a dozen ingredients and herbs for a comprehensive male enhancement pill that addresses size, stamina and pleasure.

Some of the key ingredients in ExtenZe include:

Ginseng Eleuthero: This energy tonic is a herbal way to increase endurance for better sexual performance. Additionally Ginseng Eleuthero helps increase blood circulation so it can help enhance erections.

Nettle: Nettles can increase the sex-hormone testosterone in the body which increases sex drive and even strength.

Ginkgo Biloba extract: This extract assists with blood circulation much like Ginseng Eleuthero. With Ginkgo Biloba extract your blood circulates better offering a bigger and more full erection.

The Bad

Unfortunately, ExtenZe’s ingredients are listed as a proprietary blend. While this may prevent copycat companies from stealing the formula, it also prevents users from knowing the precise ingredient concentrations.

If you can trust the manufacturers to give you the clinically proven concentrations of ingredients, then this isn’t a problem – but considering how many scam sites and supplements are out there, I often have difficulty believing the advertisements unless I have clinical proof to back it up.

Additionally I have a a word of warning for consumer shopping for the best price. There are a number of fraudulent sites that “sell” ExtenZe and offer “free” trials as a form of false advertising, luring you into buying a tainted product or signing you up for a hidden autoship program. The best way to purchase ExtenZe if you are interested is through the sites we recommend of the official ExtenZe site.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

As mentioned earlier, the most reliable way to buy ExtenZe is through the manufacturer’s website. Currently this product sells for the following prices:

  • 1 Month Package: $59.95
  • 2 Month Package: $109.95 (saves $10)
  • 3 Month Package: $154.94 (saves $25)

There are additional packages available depending on how far in advance you want to make your order. If you absolutely loved your results with ExtenZe, then you could even buy a 10 month package for $469.95 (which saves you $130 and comes with a free bonus gift of VigRX oil and free shipping).

That’s not all!

ExtenZE is even backed with a 60 day, no-risk guarantee. So you can try the product for 60 days and if you don’t like your results, then you can return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial plus one week to return the product). You can save money by ordering multiple containers, and if the first bottle doesn’t work, then the guarantee will cover the unopened bottles as well.

You can contact customer service through an easy-to-use email form provided on their site.

How Long Should You Use ExtenZe?

Unfortunately, it may take some time before you’ll notice any visible results. Taking a single tablet a day may require as long as eight weeks to achieve best results.

Final Conclusion

It is clear that ExtenZe has a reputation for good reason. We would definitely recommend ExtenZe to help with erectile dysfunction, penis size and sex drive. We really like ExtenZe because it offers an abundance of ingredients that benefits your performance in the bedroom without any unnecessary or unwanted side effects.

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