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ASP for Men

ASP for Men, also known as Advanced Sexual Performance Aid, is a dietary supplement promised to improve erection quality, sexual stamina, and pleasure.

The company claims ASP for Men gives users the confidence needed for intimate moments with its fast-acting, all-natural ingredients.

I researched the ingredients to see if clinical studies support their purported benefits.

What’s Inside ASP for Men?

There are several ingredients in ASP for Men, including a proprietary blend. Although dosing information is provided for most of the ingredients, it is not listed for individual ingredients in the proprietary blend, which makes it hard to gauge the blend’s effectiveness.

Horny Goat Weed (100 mg)
Also known as epimedium grandiflorum, horny goat weed shows promise as a potential sexual dysfunction treatment. Epimedium supplementation was shown to boost libido in animals, and researchers say it also has a sexual potentiate effect and improves quality of life in individuals. [1]

Some medical authorities debate epimedium’s effects and claim more studies are needed for its benefits to be conclusive. [2]

Horny goat weed is dose dependent, varying according to age, health, and other conditions. [3] One medical online platform indicates a typical horny goat weed dose is 250-1,000 mg daily. [2]

The amount in a one serving is lower than indicated daily servings but may still offer similar results.

Rhodiola (75 mg)
Rhodiola is considered an “herbal superstar” by some [4] and is said to increase sexual function and also alleviate depression.

Rhodiola improved mood, enhanced energy, and also improved sexual vitality, says a Fox News article. [5]

One study analyzed rhodiola extract’s effects on endurance. Researchers found 200 mg rhodiola improved time to exhaustion by 3% on a cycle ergometer. [6]

Rhodiola is dose dependent. The amounts in ASP for Men are lower than the clinical dose mentioned but still may offer effective results overtime.

Maca (50 mg)
Maca is reported to have positive effects on sexual dysfunction and desire in men and women, but the same study indicates “more rigorous studies are warranted.” [7]

The optimum maca dose is unknown, though single-dose studies used extract quantities ranging from 1.5 – 3.0 g per day. [7]

The dose in ASP for Men is significantly lower than clinical dose, which makes me question its effectiveness.

Longjack Root (50 mg)
Also known as eurycoma longifolia, this ingredient enhances libido and also improves semen quality.

For 8 weeks, 14 males were given 100 mg eurycoma longifolia extracts or a placebo daily. The subjects who took eurycoma longifolia experienced improvements in body mass index and muscle strength. [8]

Eurycoma longifolia in 100 mg water-soluble extracts twice daily also improved semen volume and sperm motility and concentration in men with idiopathic infertility. [9]

Longjack root amounts in ASP for men are lower than these clinical studies but may still produce similar body mass and muscle strength effects.

Muira Puama (25 mg)
Muira puama is said to be an aphrodisiac, but more clinical studies are needed to verify this claim, as extract used in the study also included ginko biloba. [10]

While it was studied for its effects on impotence, one medical online platform indicates this study was conducted poorly and more studies are needed to confirm muira puama’s sexual effects. [11]

L-Arginine (25 mg)
Arginine is a building block of nitric oxide and increases blood flow by relaxing vascular smooth muscle. It also is shown to increase resting growth-hormone levels by 100% when administered in 5-9 grams. [12]

Arginine amounts in ASP for Men are notably lower than clinical doses, leading me to believe it won’t be nearly as effective.

ASP Proprietary Blend (125 mg)
This proprietary blend includes ingredients like damiana and Korean ginseng.

Damiana purportedly combats sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. I was unable to find human clinical studies supporting its benefits, but I did find an animal study proving damiana yielded positive sexual improvements in sexually fatigued rats. [13]

Korean red ginseng was studied for its ability to improve erectile dysfunction. In one study, 45 patients clinically diagnosed with erectile dysfunction were given 900 mg Korean red ginseng 3 times a day. Research reveals test subjects experienced improved erection quality and penile tip rigidity, compared to a placebo. [14]

While it’s hard to gauge how much Korean ginseng is in ASP for me, the doses used in this clinical study are significantly higher than all the ingredients in the proprietary blend combined. Such small amounts are possibly ineffective.

Are There Side Effects? does not list any side effects. However, there are side effects associated with horny goat weed and arginine. Side effects include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, blood abnormalities, low blood pressure, dry mouth, thirst, nosebleed, dizziness, and vomiting. [15] [16]

What Do Users Say?

ASP for Men received a 1 out of 5 star rating on Here are some user review examples.

“There is little to review; there are no apparent side effects; there is no effect as advertised,” says DingFarm. He also says dose doubling had no effect, which is not recommended.

“It does not work nor does what its suppose to, actually it does nothing,” says Jose Angel Almanza.

Theodore B. Riley says he didn’t experience any results from a free bottle his friend gave him.

Lastly, KA702OS says, “I used this product for six weeks, taking the recommended daily dosage with no effect at all.”

Although results may vary depending on user’s health, opinions on are quite unanimous in its ineffectiveness.

Recommended Use

The daily suggested serving is 2 capsules.

The company suggests taking ASP 30-45 minutes before sexual activity. Some users may also take it daily, regardless of activity.

Do not consume more than 2 capsules within a 24-hour period and do not take ASP with other male enhancement products.

How Much Is ASP for Men?

One bottle (30 capsules) retails anywhere from $29.00-$42.95. The official website offers deals on multiple bottle purchases.

Customer Service

The company states users must email within 30 days of shipment date to receive authorization and return instructions.

A re-stocking fee of 25% will be applied, and returns are limited to unopened products only.

In Conclusion

Ingredients in ASP for Men are clinically proven to ameliorate sexual dysfunction. However, the amounts of all ingredients in ASP for Men are lower than clinical doses, which make me hesitant to recommend this product.

It is on the pricier side given that one bottle is a 2-week supply. If you want more bang for your buck, you may want to look elsewhere. However, ASP for Men may work for some, so if you are interested, consult your doctor before purchasing.

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