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Andro Cream

Do you have problems gaining an erection even though you desire your partner?

If you have serious medical issues, you know you need to see your physician, and start taking better care of yourself. On the other hand, if your health is fairly good, and your body isn’t responding, there may be a simple explanation.

After orgasm you need your erection to relax. What make this happen is a chemical inside your body called PDE-5. PDE-5 causes the blood vessels in your penis—which have been fully dilated to allow for increased blood flow—to constrict back to normal size. This reduces blood flow, and allows your happy penis to go limp.

Unfortunately PDE-5 builds up in the bloodstream over time, and this concentration keeps your penis relaxed when you want it excited!

Andro Cream is a topical male enhancement product produced and sold from Singapore which believes it has the answer to your PDE-5 buildup. How? Keep reading…

The Secret Behind Andro Cream

Andro Cream’s secret ingredient is Butea Superba an herb known only to Thailand which has been successfully used for the treatment of erectile difficulties and male performance for centuries.

Andro Cream uses “the highest concentration of BS in the industry”—10% to be exact, and a “Transdermal Technology” which allows the cream to sink below the skin surface to the penile tissues where it’s needed. This technology is not further explained on the official site.

The official site does cite studies done on Butea Superba and its success with erectile dysfunction, however, I can’t help but be a little skeptical. The study itself involves a “crude preparation” of Butea superba and blood chemistry analysis revealed no apparent change. Though the ingredient “appears to improve erectile function” the study fails to show us how much of an improvement, and whether or not the extract was standardized among individuals and if it was placebo controlled. There are too many variables involved with the study for me to be comfortable recommending this particular ingredient.

The website does not list any other additional ingredients, so be careful!

Andro Cream Application

Andro Cream should be applied twice a day all over the penis (including the tip), and allowed to soak in. Do not rub. Andro Cream’s application can be reduced to once a day when symptoms have improved (2-4 weeks.)

Andro Cream is said to be safe, non-irritating and can be used with other medications or oral male enhancement products. However, if you experience any skin irritation, discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately.

Andro Cream Pros

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Studies on Butea Superba cited on the Lynk Technology site
  • Positive consumer remarks

Andro Cream Cons

  • Ships from Singapore. Orders subject to conversion from SGD to USD
  • No money-back guarantee
  • May not be suitable for men with severe ED
  • Contains only one active ingredient

Product Price

Andro Cream converts to roughly $55 per tube plus $25 shipping. These prices include GST (goods and services tax). This is pretty expensive considering Andro Cream contains only one active ingredient.

Who Makes Andro Cream?

Andro Cream is distributed by Lynk Biotechnologies,which was spun-off from the National University of Singapore in 2000. Supposedly it specializes in the development of healthcare products that utilizes transdermal technology.

To contact support, you can call them at +66 6745 9066, fax at +65 6745 5475, or send an email at

Our Opinion of Andro Cream

Andro Cream may be worth your financial and time investment if it works, but the only testimonials I could find were on the official site which may be fabricated, so it’s uncertain whether a cream using only one ingredient will really prove effective.

Please realize too that Andro Cream does not come with a refund so if you take a leap of faith, you may hit the rocks.

If you’ve used Andro Cream, please leave your comments for men considering trying this product.


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