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It can be heart wrenching when you want to have kids and you keep trying and trying, and nothing seems to happen. It can be frustrating and hard on any relationship.

There are supplements on the market that make claims of being the answer to a man’s fertility problems.

Amberoz is one of those supplements. We can’t find an official Amberoz website, but the sites that sell it have headlines like ‘you can now be a daddy’ and ‘dear soon to be dad.’

The sites we visited trying to find Amberoz information all had similar remarks about this product curing impotence and fertility problems, with huge claims that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but if you click on that link for more information you are taken to a site that sells other products, and mention of a guarantee.

If you are having fertility problems, you should see a doctor first, and then if your doctor advises you to take a natural supplement to improve sperm, semen, or prostate health, find one that at least has its own website with medical studies, a complete list of ingredients, and a real money back guarantee.

How Does Amberoz Work?

The natural ingredients are supposed to help increase sperm count and improve sperm health by supporting prostate health and improving stamina. The ingredient amounts are unknown.

Ginseng: improves sexual function, sperm count and motility, and helps reduce fatigue.

Vitamin E: aids in the formation of sperm.

Guava: contains Lycopene, a potent antioxidant known for its protective action against prostate cancer.

Zinc: is needed for sperm production and to keep the prostate gland health.

Saw Palmetto: increases sperm production and sex drive in men, tones the male reproductive system and helps in fertility issues.

Ginger: increases sperm count and mobility.

Tribulus: increases testosterone levels in the body and treats impotence.

How Long Does Amberoz Take to Work?

There is no specific information about dosage or how long it takes to work.

Is Amberoz Safe?

Since the ingredients in the formula are all natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, it should be reasonably safe for adult men who are considered healthy. There could be very mild side effects such as headache and nausea. You could not experience any side effects at all.

Amberoz Price

For 60 capsules (two month supply), the price is $47.00. Some internet sites have deals where you buy two and get the third bottle free etc.

No guarantee offered. One site claims to offer a satisfaction guarantee but if you click on that link it takes you nowhere. There are no further details about it anywhere on the site, and when you try to go to the ‘contact us’ link it takes you to a dead zone. It all looks a little fishy.

Amberoz Overall Value

Overall, Amberoz might have some good natural ingredients in the formula, but we can’t find a complete list anywhere that breaks down ingredient amounts.

There isn’t an official website, no money back guarantee that looks legitimate, all customer testimony’s are proclaiming Amberoz as a miracle conception treatment, and we can’t find the actual data on the clinical trials that were supposedly done. It’s all too good to be true.

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