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Activator RX

Activator RX is yet another male enhancement supplement with over the top claims and marketing. Supposedly this supplement works fast, improving blood flow and circulation for firmer, harder erections. Advertisements claim that Activator RX is so effective that “your partner might just start believing that you are superman!”

But that’s not all – Activator RX “works within 25 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours” so you don’t have to wait around to get in the mood and wow your partner between the sheets.

Keep reading to find out if Activator RX is the natural male enhancement pill that you are looking for.

How does Activator RX Work?

The following ingredients can be found in Activator RX:

L-Arginine is an amino acid that converts into nitric oxide in the blood stream. Nitric oxide temporarily reduces blood pressure by relaxing and widening the blood vessels, improving circulation and blood flow.

Butea Superba may inhibit PDE-5, which in turn may block the degradative action of the smooth muscle cells that line the blood vessels leading to the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

Cordyceps may improve immuneity by stimulating cells and chemicals in the body. Some experts categorize this ingredient as an adaptogen due to its abilities to increase energy, enhance stamina, and reduce fatigue.

Horny Goat Weed is a natural aphrodisiac that may stimulate sex drive and improve sexual performance.

Lichen works as an aphrodisiac and may inhibit the enzyme PDE-5.

Tribulus Terrestris increases your testosterone and fights premature ejaculation.

Red Korean Ginseng Root improves your blood flow and lower blood sugar.

Scabrosa Extract induces smooth muscle relaxation allowing for maximum arterial dilation and increased blood flow.

Cnidium Extract increases nitric oxide release which powerfully increases the production of cGMPand inhibits PDE-5 allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time

Is Activator RX Safe?

Activator RX does not have any side effects which is a definite pro in a market where many of the male enhancement pills are potentially dangerous. However, it is still important to contact your doctor before beginning any new natural male enhancement pills. This is especially important if you are ill or are currently taking any medication.

How to Take Activator RX

Activator RX is fairly easy to take (and swallow). Just one capsule about 30 minutes before sexual activity. If you are going to be consuming alcohol or “partying it up” before your romantic evening, then be sure to take Activator RX on an empty stomach before your night on the town.

Does it Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Activator RX manufacturers make some pretty lofty claims about the supplement. Supposedly the ingredients will significantly delay orgasm and prolong your lasting ability. However, Activator RX manufacturers also make this statement as well, “due to legal regulations we are not able to tell you exactly what Activator RX does to your performance.”

Sounds like a pretty nice loophole, wouldn’t you think?

Where to Buy Activator RX

You can buy Activator RX from for less than $10 (which only contains 2 capsules by the way). While this might be nice if you want to get your game on every once in a while, it’s extremely expensive if you want to take it on a regular basis.

What About a Guarantee?

Even with the low price, Activator RX is completely backed with a 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can contact manufacturers within 60 days of the purchase date to return the unused portion. “you will receive a prompt refund of the product’s purchase price.”

Unless you buy Activator RX in bulk, you may end up spending more in shipping and handling than you did on the actual product itself.

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback on Activator RX is overwhelmingly positive. Here are a couple of examples of men that found their experience with Activator RX satisfactory.

“Works great. No side effects, no problems, doesn’t make me sick to my stomach, or anything like that, and I just can’t say enough about it. It is awesome. I would highly recommend it to all my friends. You guys out there that haven’t tried it yet, you really need to try it. If you really want one awesome erection and delay in orgasm, this is the stuff.”

“I am 70 years old. I’m single. I tried Activator Rx, got the ad out of the paper, tried it, got my free samples, and they work great. It didn’t erase all the years, but it did feel like I was back about 30 years old. My girlfriend likes it too, she said if nothing else that I’ll buy the pills for you just keep on taking them. So they are great, they’re fantastic, they’re wonderful, gonna have to get a pipeline to my mailbox where I can get a steady supply of the pills.”

Who Makes Activator RX

Activator RX Nutriceuticals originally produced the product known as Vasotrexx, a patent-pending combination of natural micronutrients to improve prostate function. Since then, the company has grown to include Activator RX, and manufacturers state that they “require rigours pre-clinical and clinical testing of our products and maintain an active research program.”

You can contact the manufacturers via email at


Activator RX seems like a quality natural male enhancement pill. Activator RX is extremely popular and is currently out of stock. The one month bottle cost about $60 which is a bit high but there is a 60 day money back guarantee to go with it.

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