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Causes of ED – What Really Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Triggering nerves, muscle relaxation, blood flow, and blood retention are all involved in producing and maintaining an erection, and that means a lot can go wrong.

Consequently, by definition, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for sex.

According to one online health professional, having an occasional problem with erection quality is nothing to worry about, but most men asking the questions about what causes ED, aren’t simply having occasional problems. [1]

Erectile dysfunction can be an ongoing, recurrent problem and a lot of people want to know the major causes of ED. If you regularly experience problems with erectile function, it may be a sign you should visit a health professional because it could potentially be a warning sign for more serious health concerns.

What Are the Causes of ED?

There are numerous factors that contribute to erectile problems, all of which can be grouped into two categories: physical and psychological.

Physical Causes of ED

Physical conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction include: [1]

  • Obesity
  • Low hormonal profiles
  • Injury
  • Problems with blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Medications
  • Substance abuse

Obesity, blood pressure, and clogged arteries impair blood flow. With subpar blood circulation, the penis is unable to fill with enough blood to produce and sustain rigidity suitable for sexual activity.

Testosterone levels tend to decline with age, and markedly low testosterone levels can lead to ED. [2] Also, obesity is a known factor in low testosterone; however, its effects are reversible upon weight loss.

Physical injuries like damage to the spinal cord and brain may result in neuronal problems. Consequently, this may lead to complications with nerve responses necessary for producing erections. [1]

Major trauma to the pelvic region like fractures and operations are also known to interfere with proper sexual function. [3]

Depending on tolerance and other health related factors, recreational drugs and medications may also affect blood flow and pressure, resulting in impotence and ED by affecting blood flow and blood pressure. [4]

Psychological Causes of ED

Because the brain is imperative in triggering neuronal responses responsible for triggering erections, psychological problems may also be a reason for ED.

Psychological factors that may result in ED include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

These three factors are attributed to being the cause of 10 – 20% of ED cases [5] and may also complicate pre-existing erectile dysfunction problems even further.

One of the ways these stressors compound erectile dysfunction and sexual problems is by inhibiting the ability to become aroused. [1]

Feelings of depression are also linked to erectile dysfunction in some cases. [5] Several factors like failed expectations, physical and mental abuse, loneliness, and even certain medications such as those used to treat high blood pressure may contribute to the onset of depression. [6]

Performance anxiety is the fear of being able to satisfy sexually, and medical professionals indicate this form of anxiety is likely to result in ED and other sexual dysfunctions. [5]

Stress from job conditions, financial situations, and familial relationships play an imperative role in emotional stability. Stress from any of these three factors may significantly impair sexual performance and lead to dysfunction. [5]

What Are Symptoms to Look For?

The most well-known symptom of ED is trouble getting and maintaining an erection. However, a reduced sex drive may be another symptom of ED. [1]

What Can You Do?

Serious cases of ED may require help from medical professionals; however, oftentimes symptoms of ED may be improved by taking male enhancement supplements like those recommended here on

Arginine, tribulus terrestris, yohimbine, and Asian red ginseng are ingredients found in powerful male enhancement supplements and are clinically proven to improve sexual parameters.

Here is a closer look at their respective benefits:

Arginine is an amino acid studied for its ability to ameliorate blood flow. Research indicates supplementing arginine is shown to improve organic erectile dysfunction. [7]

Tribulus Terrestris was shown to influence blood testosterone concentration for the first 10 days during a 20-day supplemental period. [8]

Yohimbine supplementation improved subjective criteria measurements including penile rigidity and sexual desire and satisfaction. [9]

Asian Red Ginseng is also referred to as Korean red ginseng. A clinical study shows scores on the Mean International Index of Erectile Function test improved in subjects suffering from ED who supplemented Korean red ginseng. Improvements were seen in penetration, erection maintenance, and penile tip rigidity. [10]

Find out What Works for You

Erectile dysfunction is a complex condition and is becoming more and more common. Consequently, knowing the symptoms and causes of ED is the first step in finding a solution. Making necessary lifestyle changes may alleviate symptoms.

More importantly, don’t be ashamed or afraid to take action. Erectile dysfunction affects all aspects of life. Supplementing with scientifically proven ingredients may alleviate certain symptoms and increase sexual performance and confidence.

Find what works for you, and seek medical help if needed.

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