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Yohimbine Fuel

Most dietary supplement companies are confident, but nothing surpasses the confidence of a male enhancement supplement that is said to work with just one ingredient.

The product is Yohimbine Fuel and the sole ingredient, yohimbine.

Yohimbe has been tested and proven as a natural aphrodisiac for men, and is also said to be extremely potent, even with small amounts. Supporters say that yohimbine works by increasing blood flow to the extremities, and in this way, can potentially promote stamina. Other benefits have been suggested as well; Yohimbine Fuel is even advertised to decrease fat synthesis, but that’s something else entirely.

So the ingredient seems to be a powerhouse, but is it really enough to warrant a male enhancement supplement with no support from any other herbs?

Does Yohimbine Really Improve Sexual Function?

Yohimbine has been extensively studied, and is one of the few ingredients that can be found in natural and prescription supplements. Yohimbine is not powerful enough to fight impotence, but it can easily fight sexual dysfunction in some men.

Technically, it is not yohimbine that promotes these benefits, but rather yohimbine alkaloids. Yohimbine in its whole form has several different extracts. The good news is that you only need 5mg, sometimes 10mg of yohimbine alkaloids to fight sexual dysfunction. Yohimbine Fuel has 8mg.

To Touch on Fat Burning

Yohimbine Fuel, like many other yohimbine based products, mentions that this product might burn fat. There are plenty of diet supplements that do. Keep in mind the fact that this supplement is only made for men, no matter the benefits. Outside of that, the research is a bit scant.

There is one total clinical study that suggests that this ingredient might increase fat burning, but no others have testified to its effectiveness.
Why has nobody replicated this study? Future studies may prove that yohimbine really does burn fat. However, right now, subjects in studies on yohimbine’s ability to improve sexual dysfunction did not actually lose a lot of weight.

Why Isn’t Everybody Buying Yohimbine?

Men who want to fight sexual dysfunction may turn to something like Yohimbine Fuel, especially when the prescription is considerably more expensive. So why isn’t every man using Yohimbine Fuel?

The truth is that yohimbine can be a dangerous supplement. If you have a medical condition, you are at a higher risk. Yohimbine can aggravate the heart and liver, causing liver damage, heart attacks, and strokes. This will not happen to everybody. Young, healthy males (who probably won’t need this supplement) are far less likely to experience these side effects. However, jitters and other problems typically associated with caffeine are common side effects.

Summary of Yohimbine Fuel

Yohimbine Fuel is a natural supplement that has been deemed downright exciting by some men who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. Considering the side effects of things like Viagra (like impotency), a few jitters might not sound so bad. Of course, there are more serious side effects to watch out for, but overall, yohimbine has been clinically proven to fight the problem.

On its own, we do not believe that yohimbine is quite as strong as some other alternatives. The good thing is that Yohimbine Fuel’s price is extremely low. Good for them. Some of us just don’t want to pay that much, and if that’s the case for you, Yohimbine Fuel is an affordable choice. Just don’t forget to consider the whole picture as opposed to just considering the good parts


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