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Vaso Ultra

“The next generation of penis expansion technology has arrived!” boasts the advertising for Vaso Ultra, a new male enhancement supplement from Research and Applied Science (RAS), LLC.

Of course, everyone knows the only way to really increase penis size permanently is by going under the knife. But clearly, RAS has something they’re excited about.

In fact, manufacturers are so confident in Vaso Ultra, they’ve backed their product with a 60-day money-back guarantee. But is this confidence warranted?

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Who Makes Vaso Ultra?

First off, let’s learn a little more about RAS.

A quick Google search for “RAS, LLC” garnered nothing more than a few complaints on There is no company website, no Better Business Bureau profile, and no contact information beyond the phone number supplied on

However, I did come across Vaso-9, another male enhancement product from RAS. Judging by the website, Vaso Ultra is a carbon copy of the earlier Vaso-9 formula. Other than the product name, the website and pricing information are identical.

And people haven’t been too happy about Vaso-9.

Multiple reports on accuse RAS of billing customer accounts for larger sums than those cited on the website. Other customers say the product usage instructions and promises were completely different than those on Customer service for Vaso-9 also got a bad report: according to several reports, customer service representatives were rude, unhelpful, and even hung up the phone on occasion [1].

The Vaso Ultra website is brand new and the Vaso-9 website is only 4 months old, so hopefully these are kinks the manufacturers just haven’t worked out yet [2]. However, I’m not too hopeful this is the case.

What Ingredients Are in Vaso Ultra?

Instead of showing us the nutrition label for Vaso Ultra, we’re instead given a list of ingredients in Vaso Ultra. You can find the full list on in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. For now, I’ll highlight the ingredients that stood out to me.


L-arginine is one of 2 amino acids in Vaso Ultra included to increase nitric oxide production [3]. Nitric oxide is a molecule that expands blood vessels, facilitating greater blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. This may improve erection quality, but it won’t change penis size permanently.


L-citrulline complements l-arginine and triggers greater nitric oxide release. These effects were proven in a 2009 study in which patients taking this amino acid combination saw greater nitric oxide levels. This was especially impressive as study subjects had sepsis and septic shock, which lowers nitric oxide production [4].

Tribulus Terrestris

Described as the main ingredient in Vaso Ultra, tribulus terrestris is an herbal extract said to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone production does improve sexual performance by increasing sex drive and physical endurance, so this is a good approach to male enhancement [5]. However, RAS says tribulus terrestris enters the penis to facilitate growth. This is not the case. There’s nothing in tribulus terrestris that lengthens the penis.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia is part of RAS’s Protodexx blend designed to inhibit aromatase and boost free testosterone circulation. Eurycoma longifolia is a good addition to this blend as it inhibits sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which attracts testosterone and decreases free testosterone levels. In one study, subjects taking eurycoma saw a 400% increase in testosterone production and a 30% decrease in SHBG [6].

Long Pepper

Long pepper is probably the most traditional male enhancement ingredient here. Considered an aphrodisiac, long pepper increases sex drive and even reverses infertility symptoms [7]. This ensures you have the drive and erection quality needed for a fulfilling sexual experience. However, like the other ingredients in Vaso Ultra, it does nothing to permanently change penis size.

There’s nothing wrong with the Vaso Ultra formula, but there’s nothing to be particularly excited about either. If these ingredients are included in the right amounts, Vaso Ultra may help you attain a higher-quality erection and a healthier sex drive. However, the formula does not support Vaso Ultra’s intended goals of lengthening the penis permanently.

And, I can’t even say this formula will perform more modest goals, as I don’t know the individual ingredient quantities in this product. To get any kind of solid opinion, we have to turn to past customer reviews.

What Do Customers Think?

Vaso Ultra is brand new, so there aren’t any legitimate customer reviews available yet. However, considering that Vaso-9 is exactly the same formula, there’s good reason to believe Vaso-9 reviews represent Vaso Ultra as well.

Here’s what a few customers had to say about Vaso-9. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t impressed with this product.

“A huge waste of money, it’s completely worthless except to the seller.” –Second Lensman,

“The product is a complete scam and UNSAFE to use. The whole website and marketing behind it is a scam. This does not mean that all male enhancement pills are a scam. I am just saying that the brand was only created in January and the 100% fraudulent claims and the fake clinical trials are just that: FRAUDULENT.” –

“I can’t believe I fell for a washed up old porn star’s scam. Its all a lie please do your research dont Bite the Hook like i did and fall for a scam.” –

Beware of overly positive reviews on male enhancement websites, as these are mostly paid for by RAS and other interested parties. Similarly, some user comments on Yahoo Answers and other internet forums that claim to be from real users are invariably from accounts that only comment on Vaso Ultra threads. This is a clear indicator of a fraudulent account.

For the most part, Vaso-9 customers have been disappointed with the product—something that’s likely to carry over to Vaso Ultra.

Where Can You Buy Vaso Ultra?

Vaso Ultra says it’s available in popular supplement stores like GNC, but there is no evidence this claim is true. In fact, GNC has repeatedly refuted this statement.

Instead, the only place you can find Vaso Ultra for sale is on There, you have the following purchasing options:

  • 1 bottle: $39.99
  • 3 bottles: $79.98
  • 5 bottles: $119.9.5
  • 7 bottles: $159.92

Shipping costs range from $10 to $50. Be aware the current default setting on the site is for 3-day shipping for $19.95. Many customers have been surprised to find a $20 surcharge on their originally cited price of $39.99 [1].

If you choose an expedited shipping method, RAS says you’ll receive a “free bottle of our brand new herbal Viagra pills.” Be aware there is no such thing as herbal Viagra, and with no further information on this product, I wouldn’t recommend using it. It’s likely ineffective and could even be dangerous.

The money-back guarantee offered with Vaso Ultra is also suspect. Many customers report calling for a refund, only to be treated poorly, dismissed, offered $10 instead of a full refund, and even hung up on repeatedly. With such a customer service ethic, I wouldn’t put too much trust in Vaso Ultra’s guarantee.

Should You Give Vaso Ultra a Try?

RAS’s business practices are almost enough to make me give up on Vaso Ultra entirely. But, with the addition of a weak formula based on pseudo-science, poor customer service, and negative customer reviews, the verdict is a sure one: don’t try this product.

Instead, look for a male enhancement product that uses clinically-proven ingredients to produce attainable results, and comes from a company with a positive reputation.

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