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Men looking for a boost in the bedroom are turning more frequently to male enhancement products. Among the most popular is Vaso-9 from Research Applied Sciences.

Vaso-9 unsurprisingly makes many of the same claims of “rock hard erections” and “your penis will be thicker and fuller” as other male enhancement websites.

But so many male enhancement products have tried and failed to live up to their promises. Let’s go through each facet of Vaso-9, to see if it is any different.

What is Vaso-9?

There’s no better way to get to the meat of a product than looking at its ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris contains active compounds known as saponins. The higher standardization of saponins, the more potent the tribulus. Vaso-9 features 80% saponins, one of the highest concentrations available.

L-Citrulline one of the advantages of combining citrulline with arginine is an even bigger boost in nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and fills the corpus cavernosum with blood, creating a fuller erection.

L-Arginine Nitrate is a powerful vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels and increasing nitric oxide. Because of the boost in nitric oxide, arginine nitrate makes it easier to get and maintain erections.

Eurycoma Longifolia also known as tongkat ali, boosts testosterone by increasing luteinizing hormone production in the pituitary gland. This signals the testes to produce more testosterone.
Maca Root is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and to treat sexual dysfunction. A study in CNS Neuroscience Therapy revealed maca root had a significant effect on alleviating SSRI-induced sexual function. [1]

Avena Sativa has been described as natural Viagra, and is finding its way into some of the most popular male enhancement supplements. In men it enhances erectile dysfunction, and increases sexual desire in women.

Long Pepper is a sexual stimulant used to increase libido and boost sperm count and mobility.

Vaso-9 Side Effects

Vaso-9 contains all-natural ingredients and there are no reported side effects when taken in normal dosages. If you exceed Vaso-9 dosage, however, you put yourself at risk for an upset stomach and mild headaches.

Where Can I Buy Vaso-9 and How Much Is It?

Vaso-9 is available on the official website, as well as leading health food and vitamin retailers in the United States, Canada, France, England, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Most retailers sell Vaso-9 for $59.99, however, a 30 day supply of Vaso-9 is only $39.99 when purchased online. As an incentive to buy in bulk, you can get free bottles of Vaso-9 depending on how many you buy.

How to Take Vaso-9

Vaso-9 should be taken on an empty stomach before eating, or at least two hours after. It is most convenient to take in the morning or before bed. Food hinders Vaso-9’s absorption.

Vaso-9 Money Back Guarantee

Vaso-9 is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. While this isn’t the worst money back guarantee, it may not give you enough time to use for the full 30 days and complete the return before the deadline.

Should You Buy Vaso-9?

Vaso-9 like other new products are very much trial and error. There are no established, third party reviews on or, which makes it tough to determine how effective it will be. On paper at least, it looks like a solid product with proven ingredients.

Nevertheless, there are more effective and established male enhancement products if you are willing to look elsewhere.

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