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Boasting an advertisement that “Triverex is Transforming Lives,” we wondered how that actually works.

With bold claims to make you bigger, stronger and improve your sexual performance, Triverex purports to use the Power of 3 to deliver results. Consequently, we just had to take a closer look.

Triverex is a natural male enhancement product that claims to work by a triple action strategy to improve sexual enhancement and performance. But, does it really live up to consumer expectations and can it compete with leading supplements on the market?

Does Triverex Work?

Triverex works in 3 different ways to boost your libido, increase your size, and enhance your overall performance between the sheets. These 3 ways include:

1. Puts you in the mood: This is a useful concept because intimacy will no longer feel like intimidating work. Triverex promotes greater arousal and desire, so you can be in the mood when you want and where you want.

2. Maximizes blood flow: Now this is a common claim for natural male enhancement products so we’ll have to see if Triverex is backed by the science to promote this major claim. But if true, increased blood flow to your extremities and ultimately the penis, will allow longer-held, fuller, more satisfying erections that will effect both you and your partner.

3. Supercharges your energy and sexual stamina: This aspect of Triverex will not only allow you to perform better, but for longer as well!

Ingredients within Triverex

Supposedly, this product contains all-natural libido boosters, aphrodisiacs, blood flow stimulators, and mood elevators, but the makers of Triverex have only released a few of their primary active ingredients to the public


Korean Red Ginseng is a clinically proven herbal sexual stimulant that has been proven in a study conducted by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine to enhance libido and overall copulatory performance. Genseng affects the central nervous system and gonadal tissues to increase arousal and pleasure.

L-Citrulline: is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to the compound known as Nitric Oxide, which can relax blood vessels and improve blood flow and circulation. Additionally, L-citrulline might be able to increae the supply of ingredients the body needs to make certain proteins.

Maca: is a south american aphrodisiac that contains a wide variety of fatty acids and amino acids that can improve your overall health. Although the exact mechanisms are unknown, WebMD recommends 1500 mg to 3000 mg a day to increase sexual desire in men.

Epimedium: is more commonly known as horny goat weed and is a natural herb for improving sexual function and increasing blood flow. It mimics the effects of testosterone, but may cause negative side effects.

Eurycoma Longifolia: is an herb commonly used in traditional Malaysian medicine as a testosterone booster and aphrodisiac. However, clinical studies have only been in mice, not people.

Velvet Bean: or Cowhage, is a bean-like plant that grows wild in the tropics and contains the compound L-dopa which is then converted into dopamine in the brain. It may be able to treat symptoms of anxiety, but has little to do with improving sexual performance.

While these ingredients are bad, I can’t help but be a little skeptical of its formula. How will you know whether or not the formula is safe to use if you don’t know what’s inside? What if you have a potential allergy to one of the ingredients and didn’t know it until it was too late? What about ingredient concentrations – are they high enough to produce results or are they so high that they cause negative side effects?

It seems a bit risky to me. . .

Potential Side Effects

Although the ingredients inside Triverex are completely natural, I can’t help but doubt their safety. Ingredients such as epimedium may be safe to use in clinically proven amounts, but it has also been known to cause dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, thirst, and nosebleed when taken on a long-term basis or in high dosages.

Additionally, Eurycoma Longifolia may trigger symptoms of insomnia in some individuals, and Velvet Bean may cause vomiting, abnormal body movements, and insomnia as well.

How do I use Triverex?

Triverex can be taken daily as part of your regular supplement routine. This way, you’ll be in the mood when you need to be and won’t have to worry about planning ahead or being nervous that you won’t be able to perform when you need to. You can take Triverex with or without food and it due to its herbal composition, this product can be taken over a long duration of time.

The Studies

According to t, there are “seven human clinical studies on the key ingredient in Triverex.” I find it disappointing that manufacturers fail to disclose details about the studies that supposedly support Triverex’s success. Who published the studies? How many participants were involved? What kind of concentrations were used? Was it placebo controlled, double-blind?

Without further details on the studies themselves, I can only assume that the reference to studies are designed to make Triverex look good on the surface rather than providing any clinical proof on its effectiveness. Until there are actual studies on the product itself, I’m a little reluctant to recommend the formula.

Purchasing Triverex

You can currently buy two different packages of Triverex from the official manufacturers:

20 day supply: this costs $19.95 and includes an instructional DVD to improve your sexual performance.

4 month supply: offers two months at the $19.95 price and the next two months at the $39.95 per month price for a total of $119.80 plus shipping and handling. It also comes with the instructional DVD.

What About Guarantees?

From what I’ve read about Triverex, the customer service is fairly lackluster. Though you can contact customer service via 888-853-3176, the staff make you run through hoops in order to cancel the automatic shipment of the supplement. Though there is a 60 day money-back guarantee on the product, I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle to return it.

Who Makes Triverex?

Dr. Mark Moyad is said to be the true creator behind Triverex. According to his own words, “For the 20 years I’ve been teaching in this field, my colleagues have been asking me, ‘Why isn’t there something safe, over-the-counter, science-based and effective? In every other category of medicine – heart health, osteoporosis, pain – there’s an alternative solution. Why not male sexual health and performance?’ And I thought to myself, ‘They’re right.’ There is a huge need, the research exists… we have to do something. I’ve got to create this. I’ve got to let people know there is a solution, and that solution is Triverex.”

His works are widely available both online and in print, and from what I could find out about him, Dr. Moyad is the author or co-author of four books and has three additional books coming out soon, including a guide for men’s and women’s health and a breast cancer prevention book. But that’s not all – he is also the primary author of over 60 medical articles.

That seems pretty impressive – no?

Well from what I could find, much of his research was on heart disease and alternative medicine, not necessarily male enhancement, and I found it odd that Dr. Moyad has not published any research on the very product he’s endorsing.

If you look at the body of the website, you find that Triverex is actually produced by Vendor Services LLC, which is a subsidary of Guthy-Renker, a health and wellness supply that sells proactive acne treatments. The company itself receives fairly high ratings on the Better Business Bureau, but does this make it a reliable source for your next male enhancement product?

Our Thoughts?

The methodology behind Triverex sounds effective, but I can’t help but question the formula behind Triverex. I’m naturally a little concerned about Triverex and its proprietary blends, and with the advertisements that boast of 3 different approaches to male enhancement, why would this particular but unimpressive ingredient be featured?

Ultimately, I would feel more comfortable with a product that reveals its full ingredient list in its formula to determine whether it will deliver on its promises.

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