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Prometheus Rising

If you know anything about Greek mythology, then you’ll understand where Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition is coming from by giving their product the name of Prometheus Rising.

Just like Prometheus, who became a hero to mankind after he stole fire from Zeus and shared it with humans, Prometheus Rising has been marketed as another “hero” that can save men from the depths of sexual dysfunction.

In fact, Prometheus Rising is more than just a male enhancement product as its marketed as a testosterone booster and growth hormone releaser as well.

But for the purposes of this review and this site, we’ll stick to disscusing this product’s abilities as a male enhancer, which are…

What Does This Product Do?

For starters, any testosterone-boosting supplement on the market is going to be capable of serving as a male enhancer on the side.

Simply put, this hormone can enhance sexual performance via higher stamina and energy levels.

But in addition to being a testosterone booster, Prometheus Rising also contains an agent in Agmatine that can increase Nitric Oxide (NO) production. If you’re unfamiliar with NO, its ability to relax and dilate smooth muscle as well as blood vessels allow for more blood flow and nutrients to reach various parts of the body – including the penis.

Along those lines, the more blood and nutrients that a man’s penis is receiving, the healthier and stronger it’ll be.

Lastly, Prometheus Rising also contains an antioxidant called R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) that can eliminate free radicals which may be negatively affecting a man’s sex drive and function.

Any Concerns?

As you can tell, Prometheus Rising contains several male-enhancing agents in its blend.

On the other hand, one of its testosterone-boosting agents is also a source of concern. This ingredient, known as D-Asparate Acid, is a proven testosterone, growth hormone and luteinizing hormone enhancer.

But some studies have also shown that D-Asparate Acid enhances the production of aromatase, and thus, estrogen in the body.

If you’re familiar with the degenerative effect of estrogen on the male body, you’ll know that it can often lead to male baldness, weight gain and most dishearteningly, sexual dysfunction.

To this effect, although the evidence from these studies is not conclusive, it obviously raises a potential reason to bypass the use of Prometheus Rising.

How Much Does It Cost?

Moving on then, you can expect to pay about $65 at retail price and $50 at a discounted, online price for one, 120-capsule bottle of Prometheus Uprising. With 6 pills amounting to one serving, this means that each bottle contains 20 servings.

Now then, 20 servings at a price of $50 or $65 makes Prometheus Rising an affordable option for some individuals and an expensive option for others.

That said, it would have been nice had Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition either lowered the price on this product or raised the amount of capsules/servings found in each bottle.

Is It Worth A Shot?

In our opinion, Prometheus Rising is far from being a “hero,” as its been advertised. Then again, its not a product that you should simply discard either.

In fact, Prometheus Rising has more to offer than many of its counterparts. As such, it probably deserves to be give a chance. At the very least, you should give this product a second look if you’re truly serious about turning your sex life around.

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