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Love Liquid

Most lubricants on the market focus on the simple task at hand, but some deliver a little more. Among these products is Kama Sutra Sensual Lubricant Love Liquid.

According to advertising claims, Kama Sutra Sensual Lubricant Love Liquid is able to address the needs of a feminine lubricant while also sexually stimulating both you and your female partner. By both warming and cooling the body, you should get a sexual experience that is even more powerful than usual.

This is an ambitious task for a lubricant, so let’s see if it has what it takes to really become the “smooth and slippery lovemaking essential” it is said to be.

Love Liquid Ingredients

Love Liquid contains seven ingredients, including water. Here’s a look at the remaining six and what they can do in improving your sexual experience.

  • Glycerin, sometimes listed as glycerol, is a polyol compound used in everything from the food industry to various forms of antifreeze. When it is included in lubricants, glycerin is more preferable to other gels because it doesn’t dry rapidly. It is mainly used for getting the right consistency and diluting other ingredients. However, glycerin can cause infections in some women as they encourage microbe growth. They can also be sticky and messy.
  • Propylene Glycol is an organic compound often used as a solvent in pharmaceuticals. It is insoluble in water, which makes it ideal as a lubricant in hair conditioners or as a coolant in liquid cooling systems. However, it also works to create the slippery feeling associated with most lubricants, which is why it is present here. It has a low toxicity and is generally recognized as safe, but it can cause irritation in some users.
  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a gelling and theickening agent used in cosmetics and cleaning solutions. It prevents the dissolution of fluid in the body, so it will stick around during use. Along with the glycol, this is the main lubricant in Love Liquid. However, it has been known to be hostile to sperm, so it should be used only for pleasure—not procreation.
  • Tetrasodium EDTA is a water-soluble ingredient used as a chelating agent, which means it combines chemicals including metal to non-metal ions. It has also been shown to increase sex drive and enhance stamina in both men and women. However, this ingredient has been widely panned and described as unsafe for use, as it uses the known carcinogen formaldehyde. It also breaks down the skin’s protective barrier, meaning tetrasodium ETDA itself and whatever else is in Love Liquid can enter straight into your bloodstream.
  • Citric Acid is another organic acid often used in soft drinks. In terms of your lubricant, it is a natural way to enhance enjoyment and natural lubrication. Citric acid is also said to enhance spermatogenic activity and is considered one of the best female libido enhancers. This means it works to increase the heat in both of you.
  • Sodium Benzoate is a type of salt used as a preservative. Its granulation makes it effective as a sexually stimulating lubricant, and is included in other sexual stimulants, such as Sex Drive Energy Drink.

Love Liquid is also flavored with either peppermint or cinnamon for a pleasing scent.

The Pros

  • Costs little, and can be found online for as inexpensive as $9.99, which is a good price for a product delivers on two fronts.
  • Seems to have ingredients specifically designed to sexually stimulate both men and women.
  • Comes in two varieties—tingling peppermint and warming cinnamon.
  • There are a number of positive consumer reviews that speak of the benefits that can be seen with the sure of Love Liquid for both the male and female partners.
  • Love Liquid has been dermatologist approved and seems to be able to work as a lubricant is intended.

The Cons

  • Love Liquid has been known to produce some mild side-effects and users in general absolutely hate the packaging.
  • The mild side-effects that may be seen on those with extremely sensitive skin are redness and burning on the application spot. However, this is not common or expected with use.
  • There are no clinical trials or scientific studies available for Love Liquid, which many users rely on heavily to determine if a product is able to produce the results they’re looking.
  • The inclusion of Tetrasodium EDTA also makes us nervous as it is so broadly panned from others in the sexual community.

In Our Opinion

It seems, based on the 4.3 rating it garnered on Amazon, that the majority of users like Love Liquid and are able to see results with continued use and both females and males seem to enjoy its use. However, if you are like some users who simply refuse to buy a product without any scientific evidence it will work, we would suggest that you look elsewhere for something more proven.

Love Liquid is widely available through a number of third party websites and in store locations nationwide. With such great availability, infrequency of side-effects and a price that nearly anyone can afford, we’d recommend giving Love Liquid a try to see if it will indeed be able to work for you as promised.

However, we would also recommend talking to your doctor or dermatologist to ensure that there will be no negative side-effects seen with use of Love Liquid, especially if you have sensitive skin or any pre-existing skin conditions.

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