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Julians Rock Hard Cream

Our sex lives can often take a toll due to physical, mental and emotional stress that we often accumulate due to work, relationships and other factors.

As such, many men find that they are no longer the “sex machine” they once were. In fact, some studies have concluded that up to 90% of men are unhappy with their penis size, erections and/or ejaculations.

That said, plenty of companies have jumped on the opportunity to target men, which is why the male enhancement industry and market is bigger than ever before.

In this review, we’re going to analyze one product in particular which has recently hit store shelves, called Julian’s Rock Hard Cream. Named after a popular porn star, this topical cream is designed to prolong ejaculation time.

But how does it do so?

What Does This Product Do?

Whereas many male enhancement topical creams are meant to stimulate better sexual performance – whether that be in the form of a larger erection or to treat premature ejaculation – this product acts in a completely different manner.

Rather than stimulation, Julian’s Rock Hard Cream works to desensitize and numb a man’s penis in order to allow him to hold his ejaculations longer.

This is simply done by applying a small amount of cream onto the head of a man’s penis. In fact, the makers of this product, California Exotic Novelties, claims that the cream can be applied just minutes before having sex and still be effective.

Now then, what is it about this topical cream that gives it its numbing effect?

In answer to that question, look no further than 7.5% benzocaine. This active ingredient is a desensitizing agent that inhibits premature ejaculation while allowing a man to control and prolong how “long he can go for.”

In fact, 7.5% benzocaine seems to be the only active ingredient found in Julian’s Rock Hard Cream. We found no other ingredients mentioned in association with this product’s blend.

Anything To Be Worried About?

Along those lines, 7.5% benzocaine has got to be pretty effective in order for this male enhancing product to be effective as well.

That said, multiple sources which we read noted that the evidence behind 7.5% benzocaine’s effectiveness as a numbing agent is far from being concrete and conclusive.

Further, we also raise this question…Does numbing truly help to treat premature ejaculation on a consistent basis, or does it depend on the man?

On top of all that, we also question the safety of this product. May overuse cause permanent numbing in extreme cases? Are there other ingredients in this product that its manufacturer doesn’t want customers to know about?

These are obvious questions that you should ask yourself before you consider buying this male enhancement cream.

Would We Recommend This Product?

In closing, we have our doubts about Julian’s Rock Hard Cream – in terms of both its safety and effectiveness.

As such, we have decided not to recommend this product for use to treat premature ejaculation. If you really want to get your time, effort and money’s worth, then we’d suggest removing this product from your wish list.

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