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Gnc Men’s X-TraFen

As a man what are the two physical characteristics you dream of obtaining most in life?

Chances are you said something that basically sums up to a rocking body, and well, a larger endowment.

This is because all the pressure society wraps around these two areas, if you aren’t the strongest guy at the gym or the biggest man in the bathroom you tend to end up feeling like, well less of man, and come on, it doesn’t hurt for impressing the ladies either.

The answer to both of these predicaments seem to be exercise and well, the help from a bunch of supplements, but what if you could get all the extra help you need in one place?

GNC Men’s X-TraFen one of the first multi-tasking treatments to hit the market today as it not only works to give you a longer-lasting, fuller erection and more sexual energy, but also makes your gym time worth it by promoting muscle mass and overall strength. All of these attributes add to sexual pleasure and passion and are sure to keep your woman impressed and satisfied. However, before we head to the check out let’s take a closer look inside the formula to find out what makes it tick and to see if it is truly the answer we have all been looking for.

How Do You Use GNC Men’s X-TraFen?

Whether or not a product is user friendly can largely effect whether or not we are filling to keep up on daily use and therefore, see results in the long run. Fortunately GNC Men’s X-TraFen is easy enough with a twice daily dose taken regardless of sexual activity.

However, this mandatory use could cause unwanted energy spikes, and we would have preferred to see this treatment only be required an hour or so before sexual interaction.

How Does GNC Men’s X-TraFen Provide you With These Results?

Minor Ingredients Include:

  • Cellulose
  • Gelatin
  • Titanium Dioxide, which is known as a Natural Mineral Whitener
  • FD&C Blue #1
  • FD&C Red #40

As you can see the ingredients in the GNC Men’s X-TraFen are relatively simple and although they have not yet been approved by the FDA they have been clinically tested and approved to provide safe results.

The main active in the formula, however, is not listed above as it is Fenugreek Seed Extract, taken from the Fenugreek plant whose benefits have long time been revered but has only recently been clinically proven to have aphrodisiac like effects on the male libido. Since this discovery male enhancement formulators have been doing their best to get their hands on this hot commodity and the fact that this formula contains it makes it a promising choice overall.

Product Price

Originally, GNC Men’s X-TraFen could be purchased for $34.99 at, and if you were a gold card member, you could buy the product for a mere $15.00 with free shipping.

However, GNC Men’s X-Trafen is no longer sold and distributed by In order to buy the supplement, you have to go through various online sellers that may or may not offer you a genuine formula (counterfeiting runs rampant in the supplement industry.)

After doing a bit of shopping online, I managed to find GNC Men’s X-TraFen for about $29.99 at

Who Makes GNC Men’s X-TraFen

GNC is one of the most widely reputed supplement sellers and manufacturers in the industry, offering a wide selection of supplements for affordable prices. While some of their products are more effective than others, I’ve always been able to count on GNC for reliable customer service and great 30 day guarantee.

Final Thoughts And Overall Value Of GNC Men’s X-TraFen?

Fenugreek is not a bad ingredient if you’re looking to increase testosterone and potentially sex drive. There are enough studies to show that it’s a reliable ingredient on its own. The consumer reviews aren’t bad for this product, so it’s possible it might work – but for a GNC formula, I guess I was expecting a few more ingredients to improve sexual health and performance.

If you can track down the product, it might be worth the investment, but I’d have to say that there are more reliable supplements in the industry that offer more ingredients for the same price.

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