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Excitol, a new male sexual enhancer, is said to be one of the most powerful, all-natural pills available.

With a long list of advertised benefits, including increased hardness, boosted pleasure, and enhanced stamina, Excitol is refreshingly straight forward.

However, convincing advertising doesn’t necessarily mean a good product.

Excitol’s Active Ingredients

In addition to a 125 mg proprietary blend, Excitol’s formula consists of ingredients aimed at improving vasodilation, boosting libido, and raising stamina. Here are the most potent of the ingredients:

Rhodiola Root (100 mg) is a popular ingredient shown in clinical trials to boost physical and mental performance. For example, 15 drops of rhodiola root has been shown to increase work capacity in 52 men by 9% and improve recovery time. [1]

Rhodiola root also helped 56 doctors reduce fatigue. [2]

Maca Root (50 mg) is traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunction. Modern science supports its use for sexual performance and has found this dose-dependent ingredient alleviates sexual dysfunction and enhances performance. [3]

It also appears to boost libido.

Long jack Root (50 mg), often called the “Asian Viagra”, is used by many men to enhance sexual experience and boost performance. [4]

Recent research shows long jack root dosages of 200 mg/kg body weight and up significantly heighten libido, performance, and erection in male rats. [5]

I couldn’t find any clinical research based on human males.

Muira Puama (25 mg), otherwise known as the “Viagra of the Amazon”, is often used to improve sexual performance. [6]

Unfortunately, studies on muira puama’s effectiveness are inconclusive, making the ingredient’s usefulness in a male enhancer drug debatable. [7]

L-Arginine (25 mg) is often found in male enhancers because it encourages vasodilation by promoting nitric oxide release. [8]

While the ingredient is popular, clinical research on its effectiveness is mixed; some studies show l-arginine promoting erections while other studies show no connection between the ingredient and erections. [9] [10]

What About Side Effects?

Be aware that some of Excitol’s ingredients, such as l-arginine, work as vasodilators and could interact with blood pressure medication, resulting in dangerously low blood pressure. [11] Consequently, if you are taking blood pressure medication, avoid taking Excitol.

How To Take Excitol

According to the product’s website, Excitol produces the greatest effect when 2 capsules are taken 30-45 minutes before sexual activity.

How Much Does It Cost?

Excitol can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer at One 30-capsule bottle sells for approximately $40.

The site offers a free bottle when you buy two bottles for $80.00.

I like seeing when a company backs its products with a guarantee. Unfortunately, Excitol does not have a guarantee because “everyone will react differently to the ingredients used.” [12]

Is Excitol Worth a Try?

Excitol may work for many men. It provides some quality ingredients and doesn’t appear to have negative side effects.

However, male sexual performance enhancers may not work for everyone. If you’re worried about Excitol not working, I suggest finding a male enhancement product with a guarantee.

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