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Most people think that malfunction of men’s genital parts only occurs as they age. Did you know that this is a misnomer? In fact, over 18 million men are struggling with this problem and there is probably more but they don’t want to admit it.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by numerous factors. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, vascular disease, and lifestyle choices all can cause sexual dysfunction. If you have one or more of these factors you may be noticing problems in the bedroom. Don’t get discouraged because there are many natural male enhancement products available that may help you feel like a new man.

Erectol is a natural male enhancement product that may aid you in overcoming erectile dysfunction. Erectol’s main claim is to increase the blood flow to the penis causing an erection to occur.

How Does Erectol Work?

Erectol says it is a fast acting male enhancer. Erectol only takes 30 minutes to work and this supplement will last for three hours.

There are several male enhancers that take weeks to build up in your system to even work so having a product that will give you instant results is appealing to most men.

Does Erectol really give you the results you are looking for? Let’s see what’s inside this male enhancer.

Ingredients for Erectol

Time to look inside this male enhancement product and see if it will help you become a new man. The only ingredients that are mentioned for Erectol are these key ingredients:

  • Siberian Ginseng—there are different types of ginseng which have different chemical components. Siberian Ginseng has been used to prevent colds and flu, increase energy, increase stamina, vitality and longevity
  • Phosphorous—vital for a healthy metabolism
  • Boron—is a trace mineral essential for normal testosterone production. It is commonly used to increase testosterone levels, build muscle and strengthen bones
  • Avena Sativa—an aphrodisiac that may increase free testosterone
  • Vitamin A—an antioxidant
  • Gingko Biloba—enhances blood circulation by dilating blood vessels. It also has been found to help with memory loss
  • Saw Palmetto—helps with an enlarged prostate
  • Maca Root—an aphrodisiac
  • Chlorophyll—cleanses the body, natural source of energy, improves circulation

Final Thoughts

Erectol is a male enhancement supplement that holds promise to those who want a gentle supplement but it may be too gentle to give you any help. Most of the ingredients in this formula lack scientific proof that they can help with sexual dysfunction. The Erectol formula as a whole has not been proven to work


When you are spending your hard earned money you want a product that will be worth it. Erectol is an expensive male enhancement product that does not have a money back guarantee. Do you really want to throw your hard earned money away?

The makers of Erectol may be a bogus company. Apparently, this company, Selmedica Healthcare, changes names frequently and there is little information available about the company. Why would you want to buy a product from a company that is secretive? You may want to run now and look for a male enhancement product that gives you the results that you would be satisfied with.

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