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Erectile Dysfunction is a debilitating issue that not only affects millions of men, but millions of spouses as well. Although the problem is not life-threatening, it can cause emotional guilt and lead to marital problems.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to try and correct ED. If you’re looking to do so in an affordable and practical manner, we’d suggest the use of male enhancement pills.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one such supplement called Erectinol. As its name suggests, Erectionl promises to have your erections feeling full and healthy again – in a matter of weeks.

The question is, how truthful is this promise? And how safe and affordable is Erectinol?

You’re about to find out…

Its Effectiveness

After researching the ingredients found in Erectinol, we’ve concluded that this product tries to correct ED in several different ways, including:

Decreasing Estrogen – Estrogen is to females, as testosterone is to males. With this in mind, if a male has too much estrogen in his system it can affect his testosterone count, hindering his sex drive. Erectinol tries to decrease estrogen levels through the use of an ingredient called Dindolymethane.

Increasing Nitric Oxide – The chemical known as Nitric Oxide plays a unique role in erection building. With the ability to relax and dilate smooth muscle within the penis walls, Nitric Oxide ensures a better blood flow to the region. Erectinol increases NO levels via the ingredient called L-Arginine.

Stimulation via Aphrodisiacs – And last but not least, Erectinol also contains several herbs that are considered aphrodisiacs. These type of ingredients are capable of stimulating sensory nerves as well as brain functions in order to arouse a male’s sex drive. The aphrodisiacs found in Erectinol include Horny Goat Weed and Muira-Puama.

As you can tell, Erectinol seems to be capable of inducing fuller and healthier erections. Add to the equation the fact that its been designed to be time released during the beginning of an arousal period, and its pretty safe to say that Erectional is indeed effective.

Its Safety

Because Erectinol is an all-natural supplement, you would figure that it is completely safe to use.

However, there is one problem with that assumption. Erectinol contains an ingredient called Yohimbine. An herb, Yohimbine has proven to be quite effective in stimulating harder and stronger erections. On the other hand, some studies have also proven that it can be quite dangerous for the body.

As such, we are worried that certain side effects may occur for particular individuals due to their use of Erectinol.

Its Affordability

Lastly, one bottle of Erectinol can be purchased at the price of $49.95 from its manufacturer’s website. Although this is a fairly reasonable price, each bottle only contains enough tablets to last for 15 days.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are other online retailers that may sell Erectinol at a discounted rate. If your search comes up fruitless, you can also consider buying two bottles of Erectinol from its manufacturer, which will give you a discounted rate and a free book about sex advice.

Concluding Thought

In ending, there are reasons for and against buying Erectinol. If you’re willing to risk your health and a small portion of your paycheck to turn your sex life around, then we’d recommend using this product.

The decision is up to you. Erectional should work…but at what cost?

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