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What is the first thing that a Hollywood actress does to really make her blooming career in the industry sky-rocket? She goes from a modest B cup to a whopping D overnight and pretends she was born with that perfectly lifted chest.

Although we are all aware this is not the case, this media portrayal seems to put quite a bit of pressure on women regardless and leaves many women feeling, well, as if they are not measuring up.

Unfortunately not all of us have the budget that can spare thousands of dollars in breast enhancement surgery. That is why now more than ever women are realizing that natural supplements may just be the solution they have been dreaming of.

Clevastin is a breast enhancement system unlike most on the market today. It includes not only a daily supplement, but also a topical gel that work together to give you faster results than ever before.

You can purchase this treatment online through the official retailer for about $60.00 a bottle, depending on what specials the manufacturers are currently offering. However, unlike most products ordered exclusively through the internet, this one seems to check out and we have got to admit it has a little excited about its potential simply because of the surplus of information provided regarding how it works.

Let’s take a closer look to see if it can live up to its claims.

What Is Clevastin Formulated To Do?

The Clevastin systems provides more than any other breast enhancement system we have reviewed as it not only works to enhance your breast size, shape and provide you with natural lift, but the topical gel also works to speed the process along all the while brightening, evening and tightening the delicate skin of your breasts.

How Do You Use Clevastin?

Whether or not a product is simple to use can largely decide whether or not we are willing to buy it. You don’t want to buy a product that’s going to be too much of a hassle, for example.

Fortunately this system is fairly convenient as all that is required is taking the dietary supplement in the morning with your breakfast and once again in the evening with your dinner.

The gel is also used morning and night; specifically, when you wake up and before you go to bed, you’ll want to apply the gel. To apply the gel you simply apply in a circular, upward motion avoiding the nipple area.

Clevastin Ingredients

Unfortunately when it comes to ingredient information, Clevastin is lacking. The official website does list a detailed list of actives as well as a detailed review of the overall function but very little information is provided regarding how each active works to provide you with these sought after results.

For example, Clevastin contains saw palmetto and wild yam, but fail to specify that these are actually included in nearly every breast enhancement product. It also contains black cohosh, an herb that has been implicated in recent cases of hepatitis.

This is concerning and leaves us wondering exactly how professional and reliable this product truly is.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Clevastin?

According to, subjects who tried Clevastin did experience fuller breasts, but the contour of the breast was compromised. Specifically, breasts seemed to sag after using Clevastin.

“Why would I want a bigger bust if it just sags?” one customer commented.

Should You Purchase Clevastin?

Clevastin definitely caught our eye and first glance as the official website offers more information than most these days.

However upon further inspection we are unsure this treatment truly has what it takes to provide you with the results it claims. We recommend instead that you look for a breast enhancement supplement that is more forthcoming about its ingredients.

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